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About us


BCAG Ltd is a firm of Engineers, Architects, Engineering Surveyors, Project Managers, and Quantity surveyors with offices in Kigali, Rwanda. BCAG Ltd started operation in 2019 as Architectural consulting firm. The company was upgraded to both architectural and engineering firm in January 2020. With architectural, engineering, and project management skills, the firm is capable of carrying out an extensive exercise of implementing, designing and supervising a wide range of projects.


BCAG Ltd is a leading construction Projects, Design and Supervision entity in Rwanda with a significant presence undertaking projects for various clients, both Private and Public

Institutions. “To date, BCAG has completed numerous projects in in different areas. A justification of the top-notch services offered by the Company.


To become the leading company of construction value chain services in Africa and beyond.


To provide through a single point of contact, a comprehensive array of Engineering, architectural, design, surveying and project management services to the discerning client.


  • Actively participate in projects that leverage the company’s range of skills ensuring client satisfaction, environmental conservation, professional development & financial
  • Understand the client’s needs and the social, economic and cultural environment in which they are
  • Develop a relationship with our clients so that our collective opinions can contribute to project success; Produce appropriate, refined architecture & designs that complement the culture and tradition of the location /
  • Ensure that the client’s resources are used in the most efficient and cost effective way throughout the
  • Strive for excellence in designs and high ethical



BCAG has completed numerous projects in in different areas. A justification of the top-notch services offered by the Company.


Quality policy Statement

We at BCAG Ltd are consistently committed to the delivery of architectural drawings, engineering drawings, Quantity surveying and project management services that meet our customer requirements and expectations, statutory and regulatory requirements and always adhere to the international standards best practices based on ISO 9001:2015 Requirements.

BCAG Ltd Quality Objectives

  1. BCAG Ltd is committed to communicate, interpret our client’s projects in the sense that we consistently refine and redefine excellent design solutions such as sustainability & meeting client’s brief for all projects by 75%.
  2. To ensure that 90% customer complaints received annually are addressed in an effective and timely manner within 3 days upon
  3. Reduce error rate by 40 % annually for all Architectural, Engineering designs reports.
  4. Committed to actively improve our project management service provision by 30%